Materials Processing Institute creates hand sanitiser production centre

The Materials Processing Institute has created a hand sanitiser production line to ensure Marie Curie nurses are well equipped during the coronavirus crisis.

Based in Teesside, the institute specialises in research and innovation in the fields of advanced materials, low carbon energy, the circular economy and digital technologies.

It has now established a specialist team to create the hand sanitiser and has converted one of the laboratories at its Teesside campus into a production centre. The institute aims to produce enough to supply one free bottle a week to all 175 Marie Curie nurses in the North East.

Chief executive Chris McDonald said: "This organisation may be better known for its innovations in metallurgy, advanced materials, thermo-fluid dynamics and engineering, but just at this moment hand sanitiser is a priority.

"We are all aware of the importance of protecting our critical workers through the Covid-19 pandemic. Marie Curie nurses all do an amazing job and are putting themselves at risk to care for others.

"Access to personal protective equipment is a priority, and I hope that by providing these hand sanitisers, we will help them remain safe and continue the absolutely vital work they do."