MINAS A6V (24/48V DC) servo drivers and motors from Panasonic

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Low voltage, high performance now also available for 24 or 48V DC input voltage. Panasonic expands the MINAS A6 servo drive series with the MINAS A6V. Energy efficiency, long lifetime, power density, surge resistance: Panasonic has transferred the advantages of permanent magnet servo motors into the world of low voltage networks. Battery-driven DC motors are very common in drive technology for applications where there is no AC or three-phase current network available. In most cases, the motors can be adapted to the special voltages. Especially in the area of drive technology for vehicles and the medical field there is a need for motors with battery voltages. These motors round off Panasonic’s portfolio of drive technology products. Product features include: • 24/48V DC input voltage • 200W or 400W • 23-bit absolute encoder • Modbus RTU interface • Position, speed, and torque control • Pulse train with up to 500kpps (kpps = thousand pulses/second) • Rated speed 3000rpm