Port of Middlesbrough Infrastructure Developments

As part of the recent Port of Middlesbrough launch AV Dawson announced a series of key infrastructure investments. This three year master plan will see AV Dawson invest over £10 Million in its Port of Middlesbrough facilities.

Firstly, AV Dawson’s port facility in Teesside was announced as the first site for a revolutionary new alternative fuel project that will support ambitions to reduce landfill and global carbon emissions. The plant will produce Waste Knot’s Green Knot branded pellets using non-recyclable waste – otherwise destined for landfill or for another country’s waste facilities. The high-calorific value of the pellets makes them a reliable, low-emission bulk alternative to coal and pet-coke for energy-intensive industries – such as cement and steel.

Secondly, AV Dawson announced it will build a new state-of-the-art head office facility at its Port of Middlesbrough site. With an estimated completion date of summer 2021.