Ameresco & J6

Ameresco is one of the largest independent energy services providers in North America and the United Kingdom, delivering long-term customer value and environmental sustainability through energy efficiency measures, smart procurement, demand-side optimisation and alternative energy infrastructure solutions.

J6 was established in 1997 and has been working with Ameresco since 2003. Based in the North East, J6 – Cost & Efficiency Management Specialists, has successfully assisted companies of all sizes and across all market sectors to improve their cost management and procurement efficiency across different expanse categories of which Utilities (Electricity, Gas and Water) is one of its main expense category.

Some of J6 and Ameresco’s combined clients include Virgin East Coast, DWF Solicitors, BDO, Brodies Solicitors, Eversheds, Newsquest, Komatsu, CEF, Aesica Pharmaceuticals, Dräger, Bellway, Sanofi, Kwik-Fit, SAB Miller, Barbour, Tyco, Peacocks and AAF, the Ice Company, South East Water, Wolseley, Wolf Minerals, Thorntons, Capgemini, City of Westminster, Mahle, Leeds United Football Club and Airea.

Through the partnership, J6 and Ameresco take a holistic approach when undertaking any analysis to ensure the wider picture and broadest approach to opportunities and options are taken into account.

Ameresco helps organisations meet energy saving and energy management challenges with an integrated comprehensive approach to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Customers bring Ameresco in for its ideas, but retain them to see those ideas become reality.

Drawing from decades of experience, the Ameresco team develops tailored energy management projects for its customers in the commercial, industrial, government, education, healthcare and public housing sectors.

Its strategic investments in the UK have created a commercial and engineering capability that provides customers with a joined up energy management proposition. It now provides support to organisations from strategy to implementation – a capability that differentiates us from the vast majority of energy procurement advisors.


We create optimal contract structures by:

Analysing current usage patterns

We start by understanding how clients use energy at their sites in detail. A data centre will have a very different profile to an automobile manufacturer. An optimal contract constructs a tariff and charging structure that helps a client minimise the total cost of the contract through effective risk and energy management processes and methods.

Evaluating risk appetite and decision making processes

The choice of an optimal contract is driven by the client’s needs and risk appetite, and will support and deliver their business strategy. For example, a water company with relatively certain regulatory income over the next five years will have a very different attitude to commodity price risk than a manufacturer looking at a cyclical downturn in their key product market. One may emphasise budget certainty, while the other needs volume flexibility.

Optimising value from flexible operations

The optimal contract structure will support flexibility in operations. We recommend that all clients have processes for disaster recovery. Some clients can also use the same processes for demand side management, which helps monetise the value of flexibility and can make a significant contribution to energy efficiency business cases.


We have proven expertise in the following areas:

Energy Efficiency - We carry out surveys using our own engineers and ESOS accredited lead assessors to identify energy saving opportunities, install metering and monitoring solutions and upgrade plant and equipment.

Renewable energy and distributed generation - We design, commission, install, operate, maintain and decommission all types of embedded generation plant, including industrial scale CHP and renewable generation.

Invoice management and payment solutions - We have an in-house bureau service with specialist software to analyse, query and recover incorrect energy and water charges.

Load management and demand response - We were the first procurement consultancy to have an in-house Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) and continue to lead the market in providing innovative solutions for frequency response and triad management.

Project delivery and asset management - We offer feasibility studies, engineering design, project management, finance, performance contracts and asset purchasing support to clients.

Regulatory affairs and compliance - We advise on grants and a range of incentive and regulatory mechanisms referred to by a variety of acronyms including ECAs, FiTs, ROCs, EU-ETS, CCA, CCL, EII, CRC-EES and GQ-CHP. We help clients comply with their obligations and meet sustainability, CSR and legislative reporting obligations.

We believe that it is not enough to talk about providing customer service; it is necessary to take action and make exceptional customer service a business priority. In 2016 we began the process of reviewing and completely re-evaluating our customer service capability and in 2017 successfully achieved ServiceMark – the national customer service standard awarded by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS). We are the first ever Third Party Intermediary to become a member of the ICS following a rigorous programme of surveys, benchmarking and assessments.

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