Business Competitiveness

The NEAA is prioritising our Business Competitiveness approach in the following areas:

  • KPI Best Practice Visits
  • Focus Groups – a natural follow on from BP visits where industry identify a need to explore further in order to gain maximum benefit. 
    • Energy
    • Injection Moulding
    • Logistics
  • Benchmarking - Continued development of our KPI’s to ensure accurate and level recording to identify true best practice

If you are a member company you can explore further information on Business Competitiveness in this area of the website and you can request to join a focus group should this be of interest and value to your business.

"A level of horizontal communication is now taking place between suppliers. These communication routes have remained closed for the last 2 decades. The Business Excellence activity has definitely won the trust of  suppliers based on the  principle that we share “best practice” and not ” trade secrets”. Without the NEAA relationship this mutual transfer of best practice would not have happened." Peter Watson, Plant Manager, Kasai UK & Chair of NEAA Business Competitiveness Group


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