Trade & Investment

The NEAA Trade Working Group sets out to understand and support member needs in relation to trade activity.

As part of the NEAA Board 5-year strategy review, it was decided the creation of an NEAA Trade Group would be beneficial for members.

In a further show of strength, Chris Black, Global Sales Director of Automotive Business Development at TR Fastenings will act as the industrial lead of the group.

Rohan Kohli, Project Manager at the NEAA responsible for the running of the new Trade Group, said: “The launch of the Trade Group has been driven by the NEAA Board along with demand from the members.

“Although there are a niche number of member companies who are actively exporting, we feel this group can work
together to collaborate and share best practice around trade activity and be a support mechanism for any members who are looking to start exporting.”

The kick off meeting was hosted in December 2019 and has since ran a number of detailed meetings. The group as established the scope and objectives of the NEAA Trade Group, along with a current state of trade activity amongst NEAA members.

Chris Black, Industrial Lead for the NEAA Trade Group spoke about why he is keen to support this new initiative.
“I am delighted to be working more closely with the NEAA to establish a Trade working group having experienced such excellent direct support from the alliance myself since joining.

“At TR Fastenings we are working internationally with a global footprint and have a vast amount of experience that we can share amongst fellow NEAA members, whilst also leveraging best practice from others.

“The purpose of this group is to offer somewhere for members to come together and share ideas, but also collaborate where we see mutual benefit.”

If you would like to find out more information about the NEAA Trade Group or wish to join, please contact Rohan Kohli, Project Manager on or 0191 516 4400.